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Learning Management System (LMS)

Equalearning App phone & tablet

Equalearning's lightweight LMS is the only platform that allows total customization, built-in mobile apps, and patented offline technology to deliver your content your way. Whether you are a professional trainer, educator, or a large business hoping to keep your employees up-to-date, Equalearning's LMS is for you.

Visitor Management System (VMS)

Equalearning's VMS is lightweight and easy to use for events of any size. With simple and customizable features, our VMS is trusted by both private and government organizations.

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MQ - the "Next Q"

The influence of passion is everywhere.

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Just like Google Maps, people need straightforward and user-friendly objective AI analysis to find the most suitable path for their future. The next generation will leverage technologies such as AI and big data, using a cloud technology platform to discover one's unique inner passion,

assisting everyone in discovering themselves, building relationships, and mastering the future.



A People Company
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