We are attending ICOM 2019 in Kansas City

We will show everyone our latest technology Equalearning Connect – our smart portable projector integrated with Equalearning app.

Flexible Mobile Missionary Training, Empowered Missions - Visit our booth 642 from November 14th to November 17th, 2019 

Equalearning Mission in Africa

Equalearning officially launched "Grand Project" in Africa

Equalearning partnered with Generation Won Iris Global Zimbabwe as their mobile learning solution provider in November 2019.  

Innovative Content Delivery
  • ​Lightning-fast Content Conversion: Converting a book into an interactive e-book with lessons for use only takes one day. 

  • Custom Content Management: Our system saves each and every interactive lesson page. Put your lesson pages together to build a lesson. Select and customize certain pages to build a new lesson.

  • App Export: Export your lesson contents to STAND ALONE APPS ready to be listed on the app store.  

  • Mobile First Technology: Lessons published to our app fit all mobile devices.

Learning That's Exciting and Engaging
  • Design to Impress:  No matter you are a publisher, an indie instructor, a school teacher or a business presenter, you need to design your content to impress your audience.  Don't let templates limit your capability of creating a truly engaging course. 

  • Better Learner Interaction:  Our content builder has a variety of tools for core content types.  Creating such content that's more visual and interactive can excite, engage, and start a conversation with your audience easily.   

Uninterrupted Learning Environment

The capabilities of our innovative patented technology "Uninterrupted Learning":  Ensure a steady, smooth, non-stop and consistent interactive communication process under any internet connectivity conditions:

  • Like other online teaching platforms, it supports real-time interaction between the instructor and learners. 

  • Unlike other platforms though, Equalearning not only overcomes the internet interruption challenges caused by unstable network connection, heavy traffic online, but also enables the interaction to proceed and continue in offline settings.

  • Allow transition from online to offline condition. 

Empower Institutional Partners
in the mLearning Market
  • White Label Solution: Why do you need to build an app from scratch? Create the contents, brand your contents, and go. We re-brand and customize the app you’ve just created, in a practical instant. Make your own instructional solutions, for your own school, corporation, or as a publisher. 

  • Subscription Platform: Each client serves their own subscribers within its own domain. However, that same client has the option to offer their services which are made available to other subscribers on the EQL subscription platform. 


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