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Teach, Train, Share, Everywhere

Equalearning is the Solution to Education Interruption

Unique Solutions

Equalearning provides bespoke Learning Management Systems (LMS), Apps, and Communication Hubs that not only perform very well, but are incredibly intuitive and simple to use. We have built custom platforms for: 


  • Private and public schools in metro and rural areas in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East

  • Business training hubs for large corporations

  • Overseas Embassies 

  • Places of worship 

  • Film Schools

  • Publishers

  • Non-profits and charities

  • Sports training and education Apps

  • and many more!


Equalearning's Patented Uninterrupted Learning® allows your device to display interactive, online-quality content anywhere with no restrictions. Whether you are in education, business, NGOs, or government, Equalearning can provide your next solution.

Equalearning Interface
Equalearning App phone and tablet

Universal Compatibility

Whatever your need, Equalearning does not require expensive or unique devices to work. Every Android, iOS, or PC is already compatible with Equalearning. Take your education and training anywhere with or without internet access. 

And for areas where devices are needed, we have eduBox™ - a portable smart projector preloaded with Equalearning's Library.

Unlimited Reach

Franchise your training. Equalearning understands the importance of education and training content delivery. We are like the Uber of Education, or the FedEx of Corporate Training. We do not make your education and training - we make it better. Whether you are looking to build an online school, church, training platform, franchise your business or organization, or unique content delivery system, Equalearning is the best place to go. 

We specialize in taking your content and making it global. From Singapore to Uganda, from Taiwan to Pakistan, we ensure you have the best success in bringing your content to anyone, anywhere, anytime, and without restrictions or obstacles. 

Take your content library to the next level. 

Teach, Train, Share, and Deliver - Your Content, Your Way.

Equalearning Custom APPs

Ultimate Customization

Take your online and offline training beyond the desktop. Your students and trainees will be able to access your education and training material on their Mac or PC, smart phone or tablet anywhere and anytime. 

Equalearning is the only LMS that allows you to customize every detail of your the platform. Equalearning in practice become YOUR platform, with your own custom branding, logo, and APP. 

m-church app

Equalearning is the Solution to Education Interruption

Teach, Train, Share Anywhere.
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