Teach, Train, & Share Anywhere the Internet is Irrelevant.

A simple and affordable solution to go online

With the coronavirus outbreak of 2020, many schools, business, and organizations have been forced to shift to online interaction. Equalearning is here to help ensure that remaining online is simple and affordable no matter the circumstances. We provide online and offline solutions so that what you do online now can move seamlessly offline and in-person when you are ready to return to normal.

Here are the key advantages of Equalearning:


1. Create and release licensed content easily to groups

2. A custom mobile APP allowing for online interactions with offline capability.

3. Full integration capability with Zoom conferencing that does not leak meeting ID.

Innovative Content Delivery
  • Quick delivery: Anyone can start an online account in 5 minutes.

  • Online to offline: Lessons and training modules can be used remotely online, and/or in physical classrooms with or without internet.

  • Platform-independent content: Content can be viewed on PC, iOS, and Android with professional looks.

  • Content Security: Content is delivered to devices safely and securely with our patented encryption software.

Learning that's exciting and engaging

Design to Impress: No matter your industry, be it publishing, tutoring, classroom teaching, or corporate training, you need to design your content to impress your audience. Do not let templates limit your capability of creating a truly engaging course. Our content builder has a variety of tools for core content types. Creating visually attractive and interactive content can excite, engage, and start a conversation with your audience easily.

Uninterrupted Learning Environment

Equalearning's patented technology "Uninterrupted Learning" ensures a steady, smooth, non-stop, and consistent interactive communication process under any internet connectivity conditions.

While similar to other online teaching platforms, it supports real-time interaction between the instructor and learners. Unlike other platforms, however, Equalearning not only overcomes the internet interruption challenges caused by unstable network connection and heavy online traffic, but also enables the interaction to proceed and continue in offline settings. This allows for a smooth transition from online to offline.

Empower Institutional Partners in the Mobile Learning Market

White Label Solution:  

Why build an app from scratch? Create the contents, brand your contents, and go. We re-brand and customize the app you have just created. Make your own instructional solutions, for your own school, corporation, or organization.


Each client serves their own subscribers within its own domain. However, that same client has the option to offer their services which are made available to other subscribers on the EQL subscription platform.


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