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Equalearning's Learning Management System

Equalearning App phone & tablet

Equalearning's Learning Management System (LMS) extends learning beyond the online experience. We bring interactive learning to areas with AND without internet connection. You can design your content to impress your audience. Don't let templates limit your capability of creating a truly engaging course. Create the world’s best lessons you have burning passion to teach, pass off, and have others understand.

EQL Uninterrupted Learning

Uninterrupted Learning™

Your interactive courses can be used in real time, OFFLINE. Uninterrupted Learning extends learning beyond the online experience. We bring interactive learning to areas with AND without internet connection. Equalearning Platform is the solution to venues with no internet, spotty internet connection, or if internet use is not allowed. And using our platform for schools is incredibly easy.

Connect the "Disconnected"

Around the world, there are millions of students in schools where the internet connection is not fast enough to support a digital classroom. Learners in developing countries often do not have access to the internet at all. Equalearning's patented solution overcomes the internet interruption challenges and enables mobile learning to proceed and continue in offline settings.

Equalearning | GenWon Zimbabwe

Unique UI for Mobile Learning

Unlike traditional eLearning content that moves up and down like a web page, Equalearning's interactive lesson pages specifically designed for mobile learning can flip horizontally, with many interactive elements that courage learners to interact and engage with the content.

Equalearning mobile UI

Fully Customizable

Don’t build an app from scratch. We rebrand and customize your educational app quickly. Once you have your own app, you’re creating your own educational world, and you want to make it your own. Brand value, everybody wants it. Take control of your brand with your own mobile apps & cloud system. We have helped customers launch an entirely customized app in 2 weeks.

Equalearning Custom Apps
Equalearning Mobile

Interactive Mobile Platform Online & Offline

The platform provides content control, facilitates the knowledge-sharing process and a dynamic dialog environment, both vertically between organizational staff, instructors and students, and horizontally among peers, and allows for feedback, follow-up and other post course activities. It also ensures a steady, smooth, non-stop and consistent interactive communication process under any internet connectivity conditions, and enables the interaction to proceed and continue in offline settings.

Self-Paced & Instructor-Led

Today, digital learning is a commonplace. Most systems have online capability for instructor-led teaching and self-paced learning. Here, we are not so different. However, what differentiates us is the instructor-led classroom in real time without the use of internet.

Equalearning Taiwan Class
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