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Professional Training Solutions

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Equalearning Corporate Training
Corporate Training

Coperate Training Platform - Make your own secured training school and classes in minutes. The Equalearning platform has an add-on business features you can build on!

  • Built in homepage, certified programs

  • Fully secured content protection. (Web, iOS, Android). No one can steal your video, PPT, PDF in training

  • Unique technology to watermark all content with user ID. Be assured no one can screen shot and take away your ideas easily

Online Training

Online meetings and conferences are more interactive and effective with Equalearning. The conference host can ensure that attendees are view and interacting with the right content live during the meeting. With our easy integration with Zoom, you can keep your attendees active and engaged during the meeting with frequent check-in questions or poll votes, as well as allowing meeting host to know who is view the content and who is not.

Equalearning online training UI
Equalearning Onsite Training
On-Site Training

Hosting a live meeting or conference is easier with Equalearning. Conference attendees can easily follow along with your presentation on their own mobile device to ensure they don't miss a single slide. All the attendees need to do is scan the QR session code with the Equalearning app at the beginning, and you as the presenter control what they view on the app.

Live Event Management

Redefine your customer business appointments with our cloud-based visitor management system!​ EQL Cloud Technology uses our core technologies: Global cloud platform, iOS/Android APP , IoT to automate your visitor flow as well as business flow. ​

  • Web appointment screening questions to direct customer to services

  • Schedule your capacity on calendar for reservation! No more waiting lines bust your door!

  • QR code based pass for tracking visitors and cases

  • Real time notification and case tracking - just need an Email

  • Onsite QR code check in, print name tags

  • Onsite calling number queuing system (Cloud based web/TV calling)

Equalearning vms qr code

Scan it!

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Data Analystics

Track users behavior to help keep track of your trainers' and trainee's online activity within the App. Equalearning's Tracking Analytics helps you see who is attending and who is missing your on-site or online activities.

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