EQL Cloud Technology - Business Solution Division

EQL Event Manager - Expedite Your Event

  • Same Equalearning platform with add-on business features you can build on!

  • Built in homepage, certified programs

  • Fully secured content protection. (Web, iOS, Android). No one can steal your video, PPT, PDF in training

  • Unique technology to watermark all  contents with user ID.  Be assured no one can screen shot  and take away your ideas easily

EQL VMS Visitor Management System 

Redefine your customer business appointments with our cloud-based visitor management system!

EQL Cloud Technology uses our core technologies: Global cloud platform,  iOS/Android APP , IoT to automate your visitor flow as well as business flow. 

  • Web appointment screening questions to  direct customer to services

  • Schedule your capacity on calendar for reservation! No more  waiting lines bust your door!

  • QR code based pass for tracking visitors and cases

  • Real time notification and case tracking - just need an Email

  • Onsite QR code check in, print name tags

  • Onsite calling number queuing  system (Cloud based  web/TV calling)

EQL Event  Manager and Ambassador APP

Automate your large event guest invitation and check-in process !!

Any size of event invitation and check-in can use our web -based platform and Android APP

  • Web based collaboration and invitation powered by global EQL could servers

  • Large quantity email tracking system and text messages

  • Monitor the real time invitation receiving rate, conversion rate, and registration rate

  • Automate the customer and guest registrations

  • Automatic self-service check-in and print name tags in 3 secs

  • Offline capability when internet is not available

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EQL is the brand for IOT smart device products

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Taiwan:  EQL Cloud Technology Inc.

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