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EQL Cloud Technology  Business Solution Division

EQL Event Manager:
Expedite Your Event

Equalearning's Visitor Management System (VMS) uses the same Equalearning Learning Management System (LMS) for business with an add-on business feature.


Equalearning's VMS features a built-in homepage for easy navigation and control of event registry.


Equalearning's VMS also features secured content protection on both the web and iOS or Android systems. Your content is secure so no one can steal your video, PPT, PDF or other multimedia materials you use for your onsite event or training session.


EQL VMS has antipiracy software that takes content security one step further. Our VMS enables you to place a watermark on all your content that shows the user ID of the content viewer. This disables the option to take a screen shot and steal your training or event information.

EQL VMS Visitor Management System 

Redefine your customer business appointments with our cloud-based visitor management system.

EQL Cloud Technology uses our core technologies: Global cloud platform,  iOS/Android APP , IoT to automate your visitor flow as well as your business flow. 

EQL VMS includes features such as:

  • Web appointment screening questions to  direct customer to services.

  • The ability to schedule your capacity on your calendar for reservations. This will put an end to long waiting lines.

  • QR code-based pass for tracking visitors and event information.

  • Real time notification and case tracking: guests just need an Email to be included on the guest list.

  • Onsite QR code check in with the ability to instantly print name tags for guests and log event attendance.

  • Onsite calling number queuing  system (Cloud based  web/TV calling).

EQL Event  Manager and Ambassador APP

EQL Event Manager

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Guest Manager Database

Compile, RSVP, Email

Event Ambassador APP

EQL cloud server
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RSVP Guests are assigned QR codes, and use the APP to Check in and Print Sticker Label in any language.

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Non-RSVP or walk-in guests can be manually added

Instant Label Making SDK

Windows, Android, iOS

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Event / Conference

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Event Managers Keep Track of Visitors via VMS Database

Automate your large event guest invitation and check-in process.

Any size of event invitation and check-in can use our web-based platform and Android/iOS compatible APP.

  • Web-based collaboration and invitation powered by global EQL cloud servers.

  • Large quantity email tracking system and text messages.

  • Monitor real time invitation receiving rate, conversion rate, and registration rate.

  • Automate the customer and guest registrations.

  • Automatic self-service check-in and print name tags in 3 seconds.

  • Offline capability when internet is not available.

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