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Global Motivation Lab Partners

Equalearning's MQ considers Motivation Science as its core, and uses the database of our smart data center to cooperate with Motivation Lab with various universities for data sharing, academic exchanges, and the development of big data human resource applications. Motivation Lab assists universities and private organizations to conduct seminars and Motivation Quotient workshops, and lead companies in developing ESG (sustainable environment, social responsibility, and corporate governance) strategies to conduct standard formulation and quantitative research for success corporate environments.


Our partners: Taiwan's Tsinghua University, National Chengchi University, National Cheng Kung University, Kaohsiung Medical University and many other international universities for Motivation Lab's academic cooperation and international big data sharing including the following research partners:

Prof Su Yong Chao.jpg

Professor Su Yong-Chao

KMU Associate Professor in Biology

Research area in Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics. MQ application in in Science and Environmental Biology education.

Prof Pei Hsuan Hsieh.jpg

Professor Xie Peixuan

Department of Information Science, National Chengchi University


Research Fields: Social Network Analysis, Human-Computer Interaction move.

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