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Mobile and Low-Internet Stable Connectivity 

We allow our users to use any mobile device to be a lesson and interaction hotspot for Equalearning lesson content.  This can happen using the instructor’s mobile hotspot on their mobile device or by connecting their device in the local network.  All interactive content and educational materials can then be used interactively AND offline, without concern for the quality of their internet connection

U.S. Patented Technology – Uninterrupted System AND Method 


Our technology ensures a steady, smooth, non-stop and consistent interactive communication process under any internet connectivity conditions:

1.  Like other online teaching platforms, it supports real-time interaction between instructor and learners. 
2. Unlike other platforms, our system overcomes the internet interruption challenges caused by unstable network connection, heavy traffic online, and enables the interaction to proceed and continue in offline settings.
3. It ensures smooth transition from online to offline condition with saved data.

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EQL Technology, EQL Cloud Technology are the  brands for cloud computing products 

EQL is the brand for IOT smart device products

US HQ Offices:

7042 Kearny Drive, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

1947 Camino Vida Roble #104, Carlsbad, CA 92008 | Tel:  714-330-5266

Taiwan:  EQL Cloud Technology Inc.

No.6 , 8F-5, Non-An St, Taipei. TW

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