Structured Mobile Tutoring 

EQL structured mobile tutoring platform uses knowledge-sharing cloud space and cross-board interactive features to deliver online tutoring on the go. 

EQL structured mobile tutoring software is a digital replica of a traditional classroom or training room. The instructors teach, and the participants learn in real-time via laptops or any internet-enabled mobile device.  The benefit is that instructors can deliver the personal tutoring session to a geographically dispersed audience at one time.  Traditional online tutoring platform is based solely upon video conferencing.  Our solution is content focused to improve learning outcomes, and incorporates more communication tools to facilitate the delivery of the instructor’s mLearning content and better engage participants within a virtual tutoring environment. Our software also works in a similar fashion for businesses. Instructors can train employees, vendors, partners, and clients in real-time from their laptops, tablets or smartphone. Meanwhile trainees can access the mLearning material and attend the live training session on any mobile device. 


Online tutoring: An individual tutor, a school teacher, or an instructor to any educational institution can use it to deliver virtual live tutoring for formal curriculum-based learning, homework help (Q&A), skill training or competitive tests/exams for different purposes.

Online conference hosting: Individuals or companies can use our software to host webinars or online meetings to achieve their objectives.

Virtual office: Our software acts as an excellent way to conduct live sessions online at any time to better communicate with geographically dispersed teams.

Live customer support: Our software can also act as a live customer support software by enabling specialists to resolve problems instantly through live chat and demo. 

Business training: With EQL Structured Mobile Tutoring software, companies can deliver an interactive learning experience from one central location to workforce, partners, associates, suppliers and subsidiaries in different locations, to improve training productivity.


  • Interactive mobile video conferencing for live experience

  • Advanced whiteboard for real-time visual collaboration 

  • Messaging system for live chat and feedback

  • Instructor-led learning delivery for lesson content, test and assessment

  • Advanced reporting for tracking learning progress

  • Voice recording for leaners to leave feedback after the session

  • Simple administration for learner management, selective learning content management and grouping

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