“Disconnected” World

In 2015, 58 million rural students aged 6 to 11 and 63 million rural students aged 12 to 15 could not go to school. The number is increasing!

24% of U.S. students attend a rural school

15% of rural adults - no high school diploma

57% of regular school districts - in rural areas

32% of public schools - in rural areas



18% of out-of-school population - in rural areas

11.07 million children in the sub-Saharan left primary schools

13.54 million children in South and West Asia left primary schools

Rural students - twice as likely to be out of school as urban students 

“Disconnected” Students

Only 5% of U.S. school districts, 4 mbps/student 
(min. requirement for 40-student instructor-led classroom)

Only 15% of U.S. school districts, 1 mbps/student 
(min. requirement for the use of a multimedia learning platform)

About 23% of U.S. school districts (21 million students) 
<100 kbps/student (the min. bandwidth target established by FCC)

Using a 100 kbps guideline for quality in-class interactive teaching, research states that 21 million students (23% of school districts) are below baseline; never mind being able to stream video as part of the lesson, increasingly typical in digital classrooms use.

The average costs for a school to upgrade to 1 mbps/student: $75,000 to $420,000

Insufficient school district budgets: The Average Internet Access Budget is $4.93/student/year

Our Patented Solution - Uninterrupted Learning
Your interactive courses can be used in real time, OFFLINE
Uninterrupted Learning extends learning beyond the online experience. We bring interactive learning to areas with AND without internet connection.
No Internet, Spotty Internet Connection, Internet Use Not Allowed
Rural students do not have access to mobile learning resources.
Guest trainers/lecturers encounter technology problems.
Schools turn off Wi-Fi for a fair examination on tablets.
Business presenters have proprietary content.
Missionaries have difficulty sharing content when they teach and preach.
Inmates in the prison’s digital classroom are not allowed to use a device connected to the internet.

1. Create and publish your interactive lessons to our app.

2. Start your instructor-led training: each student's mobile device is synchronized with the teacher/trainer's device and on the same lesson page, OFFLINE.

3. Collect feedback: get students to participate and send their quiz answers to teacher, in real time, synchronously, OFFLINE.

4. Learning results will be automatically uploaded to the teacher/trainer's LMS account after class.

Connect the "Disconnected"

Students in schools where internet connections are not fast enough to support digital classroom

Learners in developing countries who do not have access to internet 

Equalearning patented solution overcomes the internet interruption challenges and enables mobile learning to proceed and continue in offline settings

Interactive Lesson Builder 

Design to impress! No matter you are a publisher, an indie instructor, a school teacher or a business presenter, you need to design your content to impress your audience.  Don't let templates limit your capability of creating a truly engaging course. Create the world’s best lessons you have burning passion to teach, pass off, and have others understand. 

Unique UI for Mobile Learning

Unlike traditional eLearning content that moves up and down like a web page, Equalearning's interactive lesson pages specifically designed for mobile learning can flip horizontally, with many interactive elements that courage learners to interact and engage with the content.

Own It All - Your Fully Brand-able Mobile Apps & Web Portal

Don’t build an app from scratch. We rebrand and customize your educational app in a practical instant. Once you have your own app, you’re creating your own educational world, and you want to make it your own. Brand value, everybody wants it. Take control of your brand with your own mobile apps & cloud system.  We have helped customers launch an entirely customized app in 2 weeks.

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