Mobile Publishing - The New Solution in the Era of mLearning

Today, digital learning is a commonplace and mobile learning has become an emerging market segment. We know the world mobile learning market has been continuously growing, from $3.2B in 2010 to $8.7B in 2015 and is forecast to swell to $70B by 2020.  According to The 2012-2017 Worldwide Mobile Learning Market from Ambient Insight Premium Report, we have already entered a post-PC era.  We can imagine in the near future mobile learning will predominate within all forms of education.  

No matter you are an online tutor, a career consultant, an art gallery owner, a comics artist, a guest speaker/trainer or an indie instructor, your successful mobile learning model relies on great mobile learning content. If you have content and materials, Equalearning will make them mobile and interactive.  As you may have seen, traditional eLearning platforms were made to publish content to PCs, and this type of content doesn’t look truly engaging on mobile devices because it’s not made to be.   To ensure your content looks stunning and engaging on mobile devices, mobile first content creation and input tools are needed.  Our mobile content editor has been made to achieve this goal - to generate impressive results for the client’s users. 


As an Interactive Mobile Solution Provider (IMSP), Equalearning provides a mobile publishing platform where you can develop and export your content, into your own branded app, a standalone app ready to be listed on the app store.  Ageco, an educational publisher in China, was able to convert a children’s book into an interactive e-book with lessons for use in our system in one day. 





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