App-based Missionary Training Solution

Key Features

Secure login and signup or signup integration

Content presentation for training (public or private)

Integration with Zoom for live conferencing while screen sharing

Secure lesson sharing and response collection, OFFLINE

Our Missionary Training Solution provides a platform for missionary organizations, mega churches, and churches to develop their own training courses on mobile devices for group education.  We’ve also been working with content providers for years.  On our platform, learners from those organizations of any size can learn various interactive and self-paced courses managed by our providers or your administrators to achieve personal growth.​  


With the launch of Equalearning Mission, we’re an advanced app-based missionary training platform where missionaries can equip themselves and deliver the training courses to people around the world.  Our U.S. patented technology Uninterrupted System AND Method is a first-to-market technology that ensures users a secure, steady, smooth, non-stop and consistent interactive communication process, both online and offline.  All interactive training courses can be used interactively and offline.  This lets missionaries adopt this technology without concern for the quality of a place’s internet connection so they can take the Gospel to every corner of the world.



Introduce your church as a learning organization to reach out to lifelong learners.  Our platform provides full admin support for a church to manage its instructors, classes, learners, and learner groups.   



If a system allows users to receive lesson contents, anytime, at any pace, from anywhere that has Internet access, it is flexible.  However, we help learners achieve more flexibility.  Learners can access the most updated courses published by their church through all mobile devices at any pace, any place, anytime from anywhere with AND without Internet access.


We enable missionaries to preach better.  Our mobile learning technology in missions enhances the learning delivery of the gospel and other teaching resources.

To pursue a successful missionary program, missionaries can use digital devices to preach the gospel to anyone in the world.  Internet connection becomes irrelevant, so missionaries could easily access and share their digital materials without time and space limitations. 

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