Equalearning Grand Project in Africa Launched

Generation Won's Affordable Mobile School Plan of Action

  • Start 5 new mobile high schools with Equalearning Mobile School

  • Build 5 new schools in the next year to house more students

  • Begin 20 university level satellite schools

  • Feed 5000 people for the next six months to combat famine

  • Irrigate and plant 20 acres of maize to help feed the people

  • Mobile school can be used without electricity, using solar power

  • The cost of a mobile classroom set up is less than $500

  • Works with cell phone, laptop, projector 

  • Versatile, interactive learning

Solar panel and customized projector provided by Equalearning

Rudo Early Education Centre

Twalumba Primary School

Shumba Junior School

Generation Won Iris Global Zimbabwe's Educational Mission

The pastor couple Brian and Pamela Jourden  (homed in Vista) showed us their very sustainable and affordable model of educational mission. In the past 11 years in Africa, they saw charities created poverty cycles because locals grown more dependencies on external aid. Therefore they  used a different sustainable approach, use minimum resources to  build church and schools combo, and all teachers and students  work and study to be self-sustainable (High school teachers taking college credited lessons, high schoolers assist elementary school,  do farming).  I think this model is scalable and can break the dependency cycle.

In this project, Equalearning filled in the blank to help them building low cost solar powered mobile learning solutions (there is no power/internet) to carry K-12-university level courses in smart projectors (PDF page 12, 15) , and I assisted them to put together PPT and videos for introducing this sustainable ministry model. However, I think they need help more than I can do, especially in connections to resources. 


1.    Generation Won endorsement from the Iris Global founder Heidi Baker, also known as Africa's Mother Teresa. This is Mama Heidi’s Wikipedia
2.    Iris Global website showing Pam and Brian’s Zimbabwe charity operations
3.    Pastor Brian Jourdan’s past Cross TV messages 

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