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Davy Liu is President at Kendu Films located in Los Angeles, as well as a fine animator and production designer for Walt Disney Feature Animation, Warner Brother Feature Animation, and Industrial Light and Magic. His work was celebrated globally through international fame in Hollywood. Davy is an innovative creator that brings a story of faith and hope to the world: a pioneer in bringing creative storytelling to the corporate world with story-driven products and services, creating timeless content and IP to inspire generations of families to come.


Davy gives many speeches every year and has a large number of audiences in different countries including the United States, Canada, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Macau. Davy could always promote & sell his books to his audience right after he gave a speech but he was not able to lower the price due to the high cost of printing. He also experienced another problem when teaching drawing because it was not easy for him to teach through his static books.


Equalearning developed his customized apps (Kendu iOS app & Kendu Android app) at an affordable price, and he is now not only selling a larger volume of his digital books at $4.99 per each but also teaching drawing techniques more easily and vividly. He enjoys teaching children with ease how to draw The Lion King through his own app. Davy has been motivated to develop better content as he received positive feedback for the app’s great user experience. Davy has a better way to promote his books now!  

Equalearning says:​

With Equalearning, the amazing thing is, whoever you are, if you’ve just finished creating the world’s best introduction to that thing you have burning passion to teach, pass off, and have others understand….

​​AND you’re looking at your end product and BANG!  You see you created some awesome!

Not just “BOOK” but “WHOA! AWESOME BOOK!”

You created something special.​

In Equalearing, you can go beyond publishing, you can export your lessons and content to STAND ALONE APPS ready to be listed on the app store.  Like everything we do, these apps can be used in the Equalearning system. We also rebrand and customize the app you’ve just created, in a practical instant.  Create the contents, brand your contents, and go. Quick and easy.

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